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Understanding Your Soul Mate Email Reading - Learn about what makes your soul mate feel safe, what can help you remain close, and more


Understanding Your Soul Mate Reading Delivered by Email

Regular price 199.99

This reading covers the following questions and more! It is lengthy, detailed and provides much needed understanding regarding your relationship to your soul mate or significant other.

  • Would my SM prefer a calm, loving and consistent marriage or one that was full of excitement, wild times nad rocky patches?

  • What makes my SM feel safe and secure?

  • What rituals could be added to our relationship that could help us remain close?

  • Does my SM need to hear I love you or similar words on a regular basis?

  • Which does my SM think should have the final say in decisions ? logic or emotions and why?

  • Is my SM currently comfortable with their body and if not what would they change to be comfortable?

  • What feeling does my SM have the most difficulty expressing?

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