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50% OFF Ceremonial Healing Modalities Ceremonial Healing Package TEN 90-120 Minute Sessions Manifest LIght Body PLUS BONUS GIFTS


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With your purchase you will receive two single healing sessions of your choice. At checkout you will be asked which two single healing sessions you would like with your purchase.

Ceremonial Healing Modalities Ceremonial Healing, is the essence of transformation. It is critical to the manifestation of the light body and the clarity to use the power of the light body at a conscious level!

The ten Ceremonial Healing sessions are performed in a specific progression which creates a heightening energetic layering effect. Each session is uniquely different from the last and focuses on different aspects of the healing work.Yet together, they create a great synergy of comprehensive healing and integration between the physical body, the Soul and the Spirit.

The duration of each session ranges from 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Each session will include the following:

·      0;     Balancing

·      0;     Establishing Light Flow to the Crown Chakra

·      0;      Wa shing and Anointing

·      0;    Crown Chakra Petal Scanning

·      0;    One of the 10 Modalities

·      0;    An Emotional Cord Cutting

·      0;    A Booster to the 24-Strand DNA Activation

The initial session is a 24-Strand DNA Activation and an Emotional Cord Cutting.

This session is followed by the Unified Chakra Awakening and the Starseed Healing. These latter two modalities are actually newly given to us from our Galactic Brothers and Sisters to assist in the integration of the Light at this time,whereas all the rest are from the time of King Solomon, who was a great Healer and Ritual Master.

 The Essence of Ceremonial Healing.

SESSION ONE 24-Strand DNA Activation and Emotional Cord Cutting

A DNA Activation – Your DNA contains the blueprint for who you are as a Divine being. It contains the encoded information regarding your physical and spiritual lineage. The DNA Activation will give you access to the secrets and mysteries of who you are and what your purpose is, yielding answers to the questions: Why am I here? What are my gifts and talents? Where did I come from? Am I doing what I am supposedto be doing in my life? And more.

An Emotional Cord Cutting - This severs all negative emotional cords that have ever been formed during a lifetime. These cords form Etheric links betweenyou and other people. Even if a person is no longer in your life, you may still flow energy to them or from them.

Cord Cutting frees up your energy to be flown directly to you, for your own highest use.

SESSION TWO A Unified Chakra Awakening - Activates a chakra system of 2,418 points. It connects and unifies all the energies of the light body with the physical body, providing you with adeeper connection to your spiritual essence. This healing will bring you to a peaceful state of mind as it fights apathy, and awakens your soul and nervous system.


A Starseed Healing - Reorganizes the positive vibrations surrounding the human body that are lost on a daily basis. This distinctive healing cleanses and harmonizes your body's energetic system.

SESSION FOUR A Tree of Life Healing -This very powerful Ceremonial Healing Modality works to awaken the God Energies within, for greater realization of your Divinity. It follows the Sephiroth, or levels, of the Tree of Life in which we stand, bringing greater amounts of Light to each Holy Sphere. The Tree of Life is the blueprint used by God to create all of existence. It exists in the farthest expanses of creation, and in the most minuscule particle of our bodies. Activating this structure within your own body is extremely empowering and sacred.

SESSION FIVE The Seal of Solomon Healing Modality - The Seal of Solomon Healing - This healing technique uses sacred stones, healing symbols, and the extremely potent energy of the Seal of Solomon to align and balance the body in accordance with the seven directions. It works with the twelve parts of the Tree of Life and brings you a profound sense of peace.

SESSION SIX A Tone Healing - This Ceremonial Healing Modality heals and harmonizes your Chakra System, the energy centers of your body, with the Universal vibration of Life. It is done through a very specific and sacred toning of the Holy Names of God.

SESSION SEVEN An Aura Healing Modality - Areas in the aura where energy from past or current traumatic experiences that have diminished or blocked the light are located, filled with light, and healed. This brings a greater sense of freedom and vitality

SESSION EIGHT A Purification by Light Healing - This modality removes foreign energies that may have taken hold within the body, causing emotional pain and difficulty to function optimally. All darkness is released.

SESSION NINE An Etheric Body Healing - In this healing all seven bodies, representing each stage of physical development from infancy to the soul, are addressed, healed, and aligned. Powerful energies are invoked to work with the highest good through the power of sacred spoken words and mantras. Reclaim and energize the true essence of your spiritual nature, purity, exploration, life force, mental processes, inner strength and vitality, awareness and ability to contact energy dimensions.

SESSION TEN A Mental Body Healing  - This pure healing modality uses thirteens acred aromatic oils to awaken the brain, clear the mind, enhance corresponding brain regions, increase brain function, release negativity, and bring peace ofmind. It clears concepts like guilt and shame, which are the last obstacles to light keeping you from complete joy, abundance, and enlightenment. Improve the seven senses by opening your touch, taste, sight, sound, smell, identity, and personality with this beautiful ceremony.


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