Masters Healing Light Academy of Natural Healing and Spiritual Development


Angels of Releasing & Swift Endings LightWork Reiki - Body, Mind, Spirit Healing, Release anything that must end, transition, change, endings, more



This system connects you to angels and source. It works to bring healing to you in all ways of body, mind, and spirit. It helps you to release and person, place, or thing, anything that you must end. It brings in energies you help you have courage to get through any transition, change and ending. The energies also speed it up to help get it done, over, and ended, so that new and better can come in.


There are times when you must end a relationship – whether it is romance and love, or family, or whether it is work or career, or even places or homes, etc. This system calls on the Angels to help you and assist you to do what need to be done for your higher good. It is powerful and it is healing.

With your purchase you will receive the manual and distant attunement.

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