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Twin Flame Runner/Chaser Cycle Healing and Clearing Session

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Many people are stuck in the runner/chaser cycle in the twin flame relationship. It is purely frustrating and extremely painful to be in this place. Patterns of frustrating hide and seek, or one flame coming in closely and intimately and then suddenly disappearing, running. You have often tried giving your twin space, and after some time your fear of losing them kicks in so you have tried to enter softly, and then tried to push your way into their life, doing desperate measures until your twin would open the door to you again but only to find the cycle starting over again.

IF you are tired of this cycle and of hurting and or hurting your twin flame repeatedly this session is for you. This session is designed to help you clear years and lifetimes of 'junk' within that are creating these cycles and keeping you from uniting with your twin.

In session each of you will be aligned with your hearts desire to be together absent of these negative cycles and all the emotional junk accumulated in this lifetime and others. The energy will raise both of your vibrational frequencies to that of the twin flame union that you both desire (even if it doesn't seem that way now) allowing you to manifest the twin flame union in the physical. Concentration on releasing old baggage and fear that keeps coming up affecting your union so that it can be healed once and for all. In essence, speeding up the cleansing process needed to heal the old wounds that are creating and triggering the separation between you.

There are many things that affect the twin flame union that can possibly be healed in this session. Some of which are


Fear of abandonment, Inner Child Wounds and Traumas, Wounds in relationship to family of origin, Ancestral Lineage issues and beliefs, Sexual/Emotional/Physical Abuse issues, past life karma issues, wounds you have inflicted upon one another in your past lifetimes together, old vows that no longer serve you, Fears, Hatred/jealousy/resentment/anger and other lower natured negative emotions, grief, guilt, relatioship to God/Soul, blocks to surrendering the outcome of the relationship, addictions, codependecy, unhealthy habits, repressed emotions, past life imprints, subconscious beliefs, false and limiting beliefs taht have been passed down to you from your family, childhood wounding, and anything that keeps you out of alignment and harmony with one another.

This session is 3 hours, divided into one three one hour sessions.



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