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Magick Reiki Magick Marketing by Daelyn Wolf - Organize/expand your business, projects, build your business, for success


This is a magick energy infused system that combines magick and reiki. It

can never be used up or depleted. It is a contstantly renewing energy.

Magick Reiki Magick Marketing connects you to creative source energy and

the spirit of marketing for empowerment and success. Marketing is the

promotions you do to be successful in whatever business you are in. It is

also what you do to promote yourself for any reason. It involves a lot of

networking as well and other things. But the energy of this system spreads

outward like a web to reach out to others who reach out to others, and it

continues on. In the energies of Magick Reiki Magick Marketing, the spirit

of marketing, promotions, and sales energy help you to organize and

expand your business, projects, or whatever you want to promote.

It is a unique system that helps you to build and expand for success.

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