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999 Silver Ray Abundance Energy - by Daelyn Wolf - El Morya, Rise above limitations of the mind and the earthly plane, abundance, and more


The Abundance in your life is determined by the energy you are aligned with. When your energy is low for whatever reason, it is difficult to raise the level of abundance in your life. Ascended Master El Morya gives this energetic system in order to assist humankind to rise above the limitations of the mind and Earthly planes. The energy of 999 Silver Ray Abundance Energy is extremely high. It can raise your energy enough for you to jump into the next level up of abundance. It is a powerful energy to help you overcome the energetic dimensional level you are stuck in. If you are not feeling abundant, if you do not have the flow of abundance in all its forms of goodness coming to you, this is a system you might find helpful to lift you up to the next level of abundance flow. It is important to know that no matter what level you are in, you can raise your abundance energy through the 999 Silver Ray Abundance Energy.

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