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Worthiness and Value Reiki Empowerment by Daelyn Wolf - Connect to your true worth and Value, truth about yourself, release false perceptions of self


Worthiness and Value Reiki connects you to the spirit of value and worth.

Each and everyone of us has value. The work we do is valuable. The energy

of us has value. The very spirit of you has value and nothing can devalue

us but our own perceptions. How you perceive yourself determines your

value. It does not matter what anyone else thinks about us. What matters is

how you feel and think about yourself.

The energy of this system connects you to your true worth and value. Your

higher self knows you as worthy and knows that all you offer humanity in

the form of your work, your energy, your time is valuable.

This system opens your heart and mind to the truth of perceptions about

yourself. Know yourself and allow all of the false perceptions to fall away

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