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Anubus Reiki Empowerment by Daelyn Wolf - Empowerment, Healing, Protection, Justice, Fairness, and more


This system connects you to the spirit of Anubus, for empowerment--

healing, protection, and justice. Anubus is the Egyptian God of embalming,

protector of the dead, guide for those of a pure heart. Many think of him as

a golden jackal but he is actually an African Golden Wolf which looks very


The energies of Anubus Reiki Empowerment is one of justice, and fairness,

as well and protection on any journey through the underworld or any rites

of passage. Anubus is also a healer, though many people are not aware of

this. Working with the energies associated with Anubus brings a

connection with those who have crossed over. It helps you with connecting

to the spirit world and enhances communications with the dead.

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