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Energetic Magick of John Dee Empowerment by Daelyn Wolf - Learning, personal growth, spiritual enlightenment, psychic abilities, angels, protection


John Dee was a philosopher, astrologer, magician, alchemist, and angel

conjurer. He often advised nobility and was connected, to the

Rosicrucians. He practiced esoteric philosphies and worked with the

angelic realms.

The energies of this attunement connected you to the magick and energy

of John Dee. It opens your energy and mind to learning, personal growth,

and spiritual enlightenment. As you work with the energies your

enlightenment expands and you understand everything from a new

perspective. You abilities to work with magick and psychic abilites improve

and expand. Your understanding of the angelic realms increases as you

learn to work with them communicate with them on higher energy level.

Energetic Magick of John Dee Empowerment

John Dee worked with angels in a ceremonial fashion, calling upon them to

assist him in his work, his healing, his divinations. Whenever doing this

kind of magickal work, it is advised strongly that you always protect

yourself to prevent any negative energy or entities from interfering with

your work and your daily life. Whenever you work with energy and angels

or other energy Beings, it is necessary to protect yourself and your energy.

Ceremonial magick can draw negative spirits to join in –they see it almost

as an invitation or at the very least as an opportunity to latch on to you and

feed off your energy. As you work with the energies of this system, it is

necessary to protect yourself first and then move on to working on your


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