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Looking and Feeling Feminine & Beautiful Attunement MEGA Package -Attunements that will help you feel beautiful, confident! PLUS BOGO

$249.99 $3,100.00

Beautiful, Feminine, and Sexy People Do Nice Things for Themselves! Pamper Yourself with this special attunement package!

MORE THAN 50% OFF PLUS With your purchase you will receive one attunement package of equal or lesser value FREE. Simply purchase this package and email your free package choice.


The value of this package is more than 3100.00

Often we struggle with feeling beautiful and therefore we find that we are not attracting others to us and or positive experiences with ourselves and others. These attunements will help you feel beautiful by removing blocks whether they are emotional, mental or spiritual as well as cleanse the aura and auric fields so that the inner beauty can shine through and so that you can see your beauty and so that you increase your attractiveness to others. It will allow you to attract positive experiences in your daily life. It will brighten the aura, face and body so that you radiantly shine and attract positive energy from others. These attunements will raise your spirits, allow you to get in touch with feeling beautiful, sexy and feminine which will put you in a better mood and this certainly attracts more positive energy.

The body as an instrument that can be tuned with these powerful attunements so that you can have a powerful sense of beauty about yourself which helps you to magnatize positive experiences and persons to your life. These attunements will boost confidence, self esteem, image, self love as well as enhance charisma, sex appeal and charm.

Pamper yourself with this attunement package for you deserve it, after all beautiful people do nice things for themselves!!!!!!!!!

This series of attunements will help you to maintain your sense of inner and outer beauty. It will remove anything that blocks you from being your highest feminine expression so that you are most appealing to be around!

 The attunements that are included are:

  1. Archangel Jophiel Ray of Light Reiki
  2. Heart Tone Amplifier
  3. Mystical Inner Beauty
  4. Mega  Love Beauty Reflection
  5. Youthful Elixir Beauty
  6. Fairies of the Roses
  7. Passion Energy Blast
  8. Positive reality Radiance
  9. Rose Magical Essence
  10. Heartache Healer
  11. Powerful Beauty Guard
  12. Energetic Red Violet Rain
  13. Hook of Love
  14. Rama Shinta Essence
  15. Beauty Life Expands
  16. Super Beauty Love Radiance
  17. Jagad Arjuna Essence
  18. Gwaragedd Annwn Welsh Water Faery Empowerment
  19. Beauty Life Magnifier
  20. Love Chain Energetic
  21. Everlasting Beauty Rose
  22. Spirit Beauty Within
  23. Central Peace Light
  24. Holy Red Sky Energizer
  25. Big Mama Energy
  26. Luminous Love Essence
  27. Blue Eye Vortex
  28. Personal Aid Energetic Device
  29. Bright Cheer Spirit
  30. Mystical Black Panther
  31. Eternal Heart Radiance
  32. Universal Feminine Reiki
  33. Tiger Force
  34. High Life Force Amplifier
  35. Magic Bubble
  36. Blue Paradise Energetic
  37. High Beam Energetic
  38. Confidence Lift Up
  39. Into Me You See
  40. Authority of Bear
  41. Higher Inner Blaze
  42. Fand Goddess of the Sea, Love, Pleasure, and Healing Empowerment
  43. He Xian Gu Beauty, Feminity and Energetic Reiki
  44. Goddess Hsi Shih Beauty, Perfumes and Cosmetics Empowerment
  45. Goddess Alpan Beauty and Sexual Empowerment
  46. Diamond Magical Eyes
  47. Dynamic Self Regeneration
  48. Lovely RElaxing Energy Frequency
  49. Creative Tantra
  50. Full Moon Inner Goddess
  51. Celestial Light Essence
  52. Empowered Goddess Within
  53. Magickal of Feminine Vibration
  54. Universal White Gold Energy
  55. Universal Feminine Reiki
  56. Beautiful Soul
  57. Inner Beauty Radiance
  58. Sacred Beauty Flush
  59. Sensual Reiki
  60. Ashta Lakshmi
  61. Inner Beauty of Archangel Haniel
  62. Beauty Reiki
  63. Erotic Empowerment
  64. Chandra Aura Reiki
  65. Building Self Esteem Reiki
  66. Self Care Reiki
  67. Self Love Reiki
  68. New Life Reiki
  69. The Beauty Within
  70. Star of Ishtar
  71. Goddess Etain
  72. Goddess Hera
  73. Eternal Lights of Beauty
  74. Sexual Empowerments 1 and 2
  75. Love Flush 1 and 2
  76. Goddess Ostara
  77. Goddess Isolt
  78. Red Tara Attunement
  79. Pheremone Sexual Essence Empowerment
  80. Wild Goddess Within Empowerment
  81. Goddess Oshun
  82. Goddess Venus
  83. Tantra Reiki
  84. Chakra Tantra Reiki
  85. Open Heart Reiki
  86. Linnga Yoni Empowerment
  87. Light of Forgiveness
  88. Fearless REiki
  89. PErsonal Power Healer Balancer
  90. Inner Light Reiki
  91. Worthiness Reiki
  92. G Spot Attunement
  93. Ken Dedes Reiki
  94. Enchanted Fairy Within
  95. Bold Warrior Goddess Within
  96. Mystical Mermaid Within
  97. 7 Rays of Light - Pink Ray - Archangel Chamuel
  98. Awaken the Tantric Goddess Within
  99. Chuang Mu Goddess
  100. Goddess Aeval
  101. Power of Ichxel Reiki
  102. Goddess Sekhmet
  103. Goddess Arianhrod
  104. Goddess Lilith

Although there are no substitutions this is quite a bargain even IF you have received a few of the systems in this package.

You will receive the manuals and distant attunements. One certificate for all systems is available upon request.

Which attunement package of equal or lesser value would you like to receive with your purchase?

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