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Whispers Energy Empowerment - Helps you develop Clairaudience - and bring messages from the Spirit Realm.


The gift to hear the sounds and voices that are outside of the physical realms is a psychic gift that we are all born with but not all of us will use this inner sense to connect with the loved ones who have passed over and the guides who are always trying to connect with us on a more personal level.

The Whispers energy empowerment is a new modality that was channelled by Reiki Master Nicole Lanning to help you with developing your personal gift of clairaudience. The system also works on clearing the 5th chakra (Throat Chakra) to aid you in bringing forth messages from the other side. 

Whispers energy is not a healing system but is more of a personal development modality which will aid you with opening and developing your psychic abilities. It is not a quick fix to becoming psychic either. Practice and self work is a must to develop these abilities but through the energies of the whispers energy and the Familiar Spirits empowerment which is also available through my website these skills will be developed in a stronger and faster way

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