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Prehnite Crystal Empowerment - Aid you in healing practices, spiritual development, contacting loved ones in Spirit, Prophetic Vision, Dream Work and


The Prehnite Crystal Empowerment is an energy system that was channelled by Nicole Lanning to help you work with the spiritual qualities of this very special crystal to aid you with all healings that are performed, your spiritual development, helping with contacting loved ones that have crossed over to the spiritual world, prophetic vision, dream work and even making elixirs and essences by using the etheric energy of the crystal.

This system can help you with the following:

~ Protection on all levels of your being

~ Stimulates and increases the life force energy in and around you

~ Can aid you with spirit journeying and Shamanistic work

~ Prediction and channelling

~ Bringing new spiritual friends and people into your life

~ Inner knowledge and contact with spiritual entities

~ Compassion, forgiveness and the acceptance of oneself and others

~ Aiding in giving you a clear mind and heart

These are just a few of the attributes that this empowerment can give to you. Through working with the energies of Prehnite you will discover many new ways that it can help you.

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