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Self Love, Self Care, Personal Power, Self Growth, Development Package PLUS BOGO

$249.99 $2,200.00

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50% off plus receive an attunement package of equal or lesser value free.

Although there are no substitutions this is quite a bargain even IF you have received a few of the systems in this package.

You will receive the manuals and attunements by  chi ball call in method. A certificate will be issued for the package.

  1. Personal Power Lightwork Reiki
  2. Magic of the Four Season
  3. Abundance Velocity Booster
  4. Deep Core Personal LIght
  5. Nutricious Heal Energy
  6. Essential Inner Grace
  7. Essential Clear Energy
  8. Earth Diamond Positive Vibration
  9. Rainbow Dragonfly
  10. Dark Spot Vortex
  11. Sparkling Light of  Hope Within Reiki
  12. Magic of Pan Reiki
  13. Open the Gates to Receive Reiki
  14. Essential Inner Power
  15. Heart Harmony Elixir
  16. Mega Love Beauty REflection
  17. Heartache Healer 1-3 Master
  18. New SPirit Essence
  19. Heaven Love Beautiful Vibrations
  20. Loveliness Bliss Energy
  21. Golden Self Transcendence
  22. Love Rejuventation
  23. Sweetheart Empowerment
  24. Grand Personal Boost 
  25. Past Issue Release
  26. Eternal Mother Light
  27. Unconditional Love Essence
  28. Trauma Care
  29. The Shadow Self
  30. Inner Freedom Blasting
  31. Celestial Light Essence
  32. Celestial Rose Essence
  33. Higher Connection Booster
  34. Supreme Light High Energy
  35. Hug Healing Power
  36. Subconscious HEaling Shakti
  37. Slate Reiki
  38. Courage and Strength Reiki
  39. Happiness Flush
  40. Path of Power Reiki
  41. Greatness Empowerment
  42. Joy Medicine Empowerment
  43. Lavendar Higher Helper
  44. Divine Blessings of Grace
  45. Goddess of Pure Potential
  46. Positive People Empowerment
  47. Spiritual Heart Massage
  48. Soul Shower
  49. Unconditional Love Empowerment
  50. Star Power
  51. Harmony Empowerment
  52. Answered Prayers Reiki
  53. Live Empowerment
  54. Raising the Bar Reiki
  55. Building Self Esteem Reiki
  56. Risen Empowerment
  57. Worthiness Reiki
  58. Fire of Phoenix
  59. Get Unstuck
  60. Phoenix Rising
  61. Subconscious Clearing
  62. Rebirthing Clearing
  63. Clearning Symptoms
  64. Life Path Reiki
  65. Desire Manifestation Empowerment
  66. Inner Strength Reiki
  67. Personal Power Empowerment
  68. Letting Go Reiki
  69. Clearing Self Sabotage Reiki
  70. Open Heart Reiki
  71. Mastering Destiny Flush Empowerment
  72. Golden Hands Attunement

You will receive manuals and attunements. Attunements are delivered by chi ball call in method. You may read about this method of attunement on the FAQ page of the website. One Certificate will be issued for the package.

Which free attunement package of equal or lesser value would you like with your purchase?

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