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Custom Attunement Packages

Customize Your Own Attunement Package

These attunement packages entitle you to create and personalize your own attunement package and is based on a point system (shown below).

You must stick to the points available. By example: If you choose a 65 course attunement package and choose courses which add up to 63 points by example then this is your package. There are no carry over points. Equally you cannot go over the number of points allowed.

You will receive the manuals and distant attunements.

This offer may not be combined with any other offer. Custom Attunement packages do not qualify for any buy one get one offers.

Here is the point system

Single Attunements Valued Between:

9.99-20.00 2 choices

20.01-29.00 4 choices

29.01-45.00 6 choices

45.01-65.00 10 choices

65.01-100.00 15 choices

100.01-160.00 25 choices

160.01-200.00 30 choices

Systems which are over 200.01 do not qualify for custom course packages.


13 Point Custom Course Package 59.99


23 Point Custom Package 74.99


50 Point Custom Package 179.99


100 Point Custom Package 249.99


250 Point Custom Package 349.99


500 Point Custom Package 499.99

Packages, Javanese systems, Sekhem Heka, The Healing Grid, The Golden Dragon, Senngero Macan, Api Putah, Gtumo Anti Api, LIghtarian Courses, Mystic Arts of Java, Ashtai, Cleansings of the Temple, Through the Fire, The Armor of God, Blood of Jesus, Divine Mother Healing and attunements which state they are not available in packages and or for BOGO do not qualify for this package offer. Custom Attunement packages are not eligible for buy one get one offers.

One Certificate for all systems provided is available upon request. Lineages are available upon request.

All sales are final.