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Ilmu Spiritual (Spiritual Power)

This Spiritual Power program is open for anyone that will be much better if its studied by practitioners of Inner Power, Reiki, Pranic healing, Prima Energy, Tenaga Murni and the like. The Spiritual Power taught here is from the lineage of the heir of The Spiritual Power Anugerah Agung Martials Arts, Mr. Setiyo Purwanto. According to his acknowledgment, all spiritual knowledge that's taught by him have the power of angels.

Principally, Spiritual Power has no substantial difference from Inner Power. The Spiritual Power is more spiritual, since the spiritual power produced must be related with the power and energy based on HIS willing. It means that a person using this Spiritual Power merely dedicates his effort to God's will only. No attempt to think that he has a very strong power. The aim haunting his memory is only asking help from HIM through a well-practiced spiritual power. The spiritual power doesn't only affect visible matters. Under God's willing, the power can penetrate any needs, both real (visible) or spiritual/invisible. For instance, if you are sent a black magic, then if HE permits all of it will be destroyed and harmless to you. So, you can help a person who is attacked by a black spirit.

Don't let yourself be proud and pretend that you have very strong power, demonstrating the skill owned, and try to get involved in a case, just to test the spiritual power of yours. This knowledge/skill is aimed only to protect yourself and for safety. Therefore avoid the bad deeds. The spiritual power experts are normally very generous persons, and give up when facing an enemy. But when he is pushed, then he will fight. May you understand comprehensively about spiritual power you are going to learn herewith, and avoid abuse.


If we are not covered by a holy shield, by our own mental protection, and by our own purity and good will, then we will be drowned by a massive negative power around us. That's why we must always repeat the Holy Names of God, which is charged by the Master Power at the time of initiation. That is what we call spiritual lineage, or dharma bloodline. If we don't have the bloodline or the spiritual lineage, we repeat the names like an empty word, has no power. Truly it is so. It is just like a material well-being. A person who has no money cannot give other people money. Even though he signs a check, it will be an empty check. No support, no bank account to support it. Similarly, the spiritually empty person cannot charge other people with spiritual power, cannot revive other people's spiritual power. Even though the spiritual power is invisible, but it is existing. The awakening of spiritual power in this learning, is by applying the truth power of tawasul and nur karomah.


There are six levels of Ilmu Spiritual taught here. Level one Level Five are the levels of Practitioner, while the sixth level is the master level. The master level of Ilmu Spiritual is called ILMU SPIRITUAL HALILINTAR. If you take this master level, then you will be authorized and entitled to teach others Ilmu Spiritual (Spiritual Power) Level one five. You can take this level at once. If you do so, you will automatically get the manuals and activation of spiritual level one five (and also level master).

Spiritual Power Level One

The energy of Science and Spiritual Level 1 is quite strong enough energy in awakening spiritual energy. As a result an evocation process can take place swiftly. Those who are quite often to read the level one - prayer will be owning a strong body impenetrability system and personal energy. However, for some people, too big personal energy awakened quickly can bring easier to fulminate (to get angry more quickly). Therefore if you are still in the first level of this spiritual power avoiding source of enragement. The spiritual abilities you will have after being transferred by Level one Spiritual Energy are among others:

Protection from disaster, epidemic diseases and badness kill.

Though you sleep the protection remain work automatically

Body resistance against blunt object blow, lessening to feel pain, preventing against bruise, or hurt when beaten. Body resilience against dangerous object falling down on you or thrown hardly at your body

Protection from traffic and work accidents

Protection From Various Diseases

Discontinuing hemorrhage, lessening to feel pain in bone, avoiding infection, detaining rot and quicken healing hurt.

Spiritual Power Level Two

To make balance to the nature of ossifying of the Level One, hence immediately follow higher level. The energy character of Level Two is quite soft, dissolving, neutralizing, weakening, and bouncing attacking virulent energy. The spiritual abilities which can be possessed by pupil of level two are among others:

Paralyzing virulent intention and attack, so you need not confront physically. If there are people wishing to hurt you, reaction will generally happened is that in a distance 1-5 meters. The attacker will be fallen down and that the attacker cannot make a move.

It is good for a woman since it can discomfit sexual harassments by automatically paralyze perpetrator. Giving protection to people from long distance.

Cleaning house and land from genie troubles.

Making fences of spiritual energy for house, land in order to be safe from theft, robbery and other crimes. The fences of Spiritual Energy will also protect the inhabitants of the houses or lands, from black magic, genie troubles.

Your energy for healing is getting bigger than that of level one.

Generally pupil of this level can cure various medical disease which do not too hard

preventing poisons, that is by reading authorized special prayer, when we will be eating or drinking in restaurant/house, eating/drinking when we are guest at other's house.

In this level you will be able to analyze the existence of unseen creatures and can dissipate unrighteous creatures. Making occult mine with sand/salt media. Its function is to make opponent feel fatigue after passing that sand/salt media. This Occult Mine is basically used for protecting place worried of dangerous demonstration/action/riot/ happened.

Spiritual Power Level Three

When you reach level three, the spiritual abilities you can have are among others:

Bigger Energy Protection - even people you hold his/her arms have the same the same resilience as yours. This ability is very important in a riot condition, for example to save people from fury.

Strong Energy Protection - used to paralyze attack from hundreds of people wishing to hurt you.

Breaking off power of various patrimony object made by human being in the form or keris (Javanese sharp weapon) and the like for badness.

Breaking off Black Magic.

Bleaching power of Black magic, so that you are not affected by the power of black magic, gendam (hypnotic crimes)

Bigger Healing energy Healing than level two, that can be used for treating heavy disease

Spiritual Power Level Four

Level four is the perfection of healing and martial ability. You will get spiritual experiences after taking level four and learning it seriously. Generally the basic abilities, practitioners of level four will achieve are:

Husk Resilience against acid (impenetrable of acid), hot oil, hot water, and all dangerous hydrogens for your body. You will be given a special doa and rituals (supplication) on how to do the devotion for husk resilience against hot water, etc.

Strengthening Bond, preventing osteoporosis. Quickening the lacking of broken bones. Assisting bigger healing process of various diseases such as cancer, diabetes, stroke.

Adding 'manliness' and sexual enthusiasm. Healing various disease related to sexual organ.

Spiritual Power Level Five

In case that the defense effort find no solutions, hence we are allowed and enabled to attack. This is the special order/rule in using the Spiritual Power Level Five. This level functions specifically to attack either physically and psychologically. Techniques taught in this level are among others:

Far Distance Strike. Opponent having evil will or getting angry will be thrown away without you touching.

If the power is used to beat opponent directly, he/she will get faint. It is good for making heavier blow, so that enemy hit by the blow can get faint or die. Do not use promiscuously.

You can also influence enemy's thought in order to be fearing to you. This matter can make opponent fail before contesting.

If there is a person who is very virulent to you, hence you may give him lesson in order that he realize of his mistakes.

In this level you will be taught how to do far distance strike without emotion through picture, signature, name and address. Please be careful as you use it as it is practiced can make vomit blood.

Ilmu Spritiual Halilintar

This is the master degree which is intended to be able to share and teach Spiritual Level 1-5 upon completing this course. The secret key to performing activation is given as a legalized master of Ilmu Spiritual. If you take this course at once, then you will not only receive automatically of all the Ilmu Spiritual 1-5, but also gain the activation of Spiritual Hallilintar.

Course Fee


Level One 40.00


Level Two 75.00


Level Three 100.00


Level Four 100.00


Level Five 100.00


Level -Five (at once) 350.00


Level Master Halilintar 350.00


Level one-Master (at once) 550.00

Ilmu Spiritual is not available in custom packages and is not eligible for any buy one get one free offers. No further discount is available on this system.