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KP, Burlington, VT

“I know it wasn’t by chance that I found Tracey. With her amazing gift she has guided me through many challenges and offered much support and valuable healing. It’s not hard to become friends with Tracey with her genuine concern and compassion for all. Her distant healings have truly re-energized my soul and spirit and helped “lighten the load” during difficult times. She has even sent reiki healing and support for my young daughter this past year who was struggling with her own life lessons. The benefits we have received from her healings are amazing. Lastly, if life wasn’t challenging enough for us humans, Tracey has amazingly helped us once more with our rescue dog suffering from anxiety and being fearful. Her ability to communicate with him and send healing not only allowed us to get closer to our pet but help understand the horrible ordeal he had suffered prior to us and get him the help he needed. She is truly an amazing person and a blessing. I am always grateful for her continued help, guidance and friendship and the hope she continues to give us. With much gratitude,

Love Always, Cheryl, Austin Texas

I received the Energy Healing Session for Inner Child one month ago. The night of the healing was intense for me. Lots of memories. During the subsequent days........I have had the most profound awakenings! I am re-learning that I deserve self-worth, self-respect, self-esteem and self-love. Those have been absent from my life for 40+ years. This energy healing system that Tracey provides is WONDERFUL!! My life is renewed and I now look forward to experiencing each day. Thank you, Tracey ~ for being a conduit of God and All That Is.

Kelly, Cleveland, Ohio

"I have had the great pleasure of being on the receiving end of both Tracey's psychic readings and healing/attunements. I consider her a "great find" and feel very blessed to have crossed paths with such a talented and gifted person! Tracey's readings are spot-on, to the point, sincere and informative. I have bought my share of readings, but will not buy again from anyone need to...she is the best!! With the healings and attunements I've received, I honestly have not felt better! I feel closer to spirit then ever, and she has been a wonderful person to turn to as my own intuitive abilities started developing. I not only consider Tracey a wonderful business associate, but a trusted friend. She has been through some VERY tough times with me, and she never judged me in any way. She was non-judgmental and consistently provided kindness, professionalism, and unconditional love and guidance. She is a beautiful soul!

Maya Raa, UK

“I have been working with Tracey for 3 years now and I have the deepest respect for her amazing talents and integrity. She has coached me through the joyful times and some very bleak times and I have come to regard her as a dear friend. I have and still am receiving some advanced attunements from Tracey which are furthering my spiritual path and her healing sessions are very powerful. She has always been there for me when I have been scared, bewildered, and angry and felt like giving up lovingly encouraging me to keep on walking. Tracey is a true Beacon of great light and I am deeply grateful and indebted to her.”

Julie, Essex Junction, Vermont

"Tracey is a lovely person and a truly wonderful lightworker. I have learned so much and have grown immensely from the spiritual attunements, healings and advice I have received from Tracey. I look forward to our continued relationship as I strive to strengthen my own spiritual connection and my effectiveness as a healer."

Alicia from Canada

"Tracey is a true angel on earth, she is ethical, honest and caring. She is always available and very approachable. Her healing and modalities have helped me immensely. There is no one else I trust explicitly with my healing and spiritual growth!"

Nicole Hansford Shepparton, Victoria, Australia

"I have been working with Tracey for well over a year now, and since then I have made a lot of spiritual breakthroughs which I attribute to Tracey's hard work and dedication. Tracey is one of the warmest, most helpful spiritual teachers I know, truly dedicated to bringing light and healing into our lives. Her readings are truly amazing, not only to give insight into your future but to assist you in your spiritual growth. Once you understand that everything in the physical plane originates from the ethers/spiritual plane you know how valuable a gift Tracey offers."

Isabelle, France 

"Tracey will change your life for the better. Her joyful spirit, incredible sense of humor and deep love of healing work just simply shine through. Her healings are deep, powerful and incredibly effective, and filled with comfort, warmth, and delight. Her classes and attunements will exceed your expectations. She has an amazing ability to find out where each of her students are on their path and give them exactly what they need in knowledge and support. Tracey obviously loves what she does and you will too!"

Hannah Dunn, Chicago

"Tracey is one of the most positive, energetic, happy, powerful people I've ever met. She really is amazing, loving and caring toward others. Her Reiki healing and attunement work is incredible and she loves it more than any other practitioner I've ever known. Her positive and powerful attitude is contagious and seems to fill all around her with a similar light. She is a very exceptional person."

Martina, UK

"Tracey's healing and attunement work is phenomenal. It has been an incredibly uplifting and life changing experience for me and I would recommend it to anyone seeking help and answers."

Elizabeth Parker, New York, New York

"I cannot thank Tracey enough for the healing work and attunements that she has done for me in the past year. Working with Tracey and her Angels and Guides have transformed my life and helped me to be a much more effective healer in my practice! It is awesome to have such a wonderful earth angel participating in my developmental process! Tracey has been such a blessing in my life. I feel better than I have in years and I’m already seeing improvements in my life. There is a lightness and playfulness in my life that has been missing for some time. Maybe someday I’ll understand how she does it! My deepest love and appreciation extend to Tracey and her Angel Team and Spirit Guides."

Is there a need to concentrate in order to channel the Reiki energy?

"Whether it is a Reiki healing session or an attunement with Tracey it is a time to relax and let go, and to re-energize! Given her gentle, intuitive, and supportive nature, I think of my sessions with Tracey as a special treat for myself."

Claudia, Los Angeles, CA

If a Reiki practitioner is asleep and his or her hands are placed on another person and Reiki is needed the Reiki will start flowing even though the practitioner is asleep. If a Reiki practitioner falls asleep when giving a treatment the Reiki will also continue to flow for as long as it is needed.

Cheryl, Austin, TX

"I have had the pleasure of receiving many different types of Reiki healing sessions with Tracey. The power of her Spirit and gifts are difficult to must feel them! I've had many sessions with others....none have come close to the intensity of Tracey's love. I've just begun my quest for Attunements. The few I have had are WONDERFUL!"

Patricia Michaels, Indianapolis, Indiana

"Tracey is a very wise Reiki Master Teacher who not only provides excellent explanations for her students, but is also available and responsive to their questions and needs. Even though I am a Reiki Master myself, I still ask Tracey questions and she always provides very instructive answers. I highly recommend her for teaching and attunements!"

Rhonda, Seattle

"If you have the opportunity to have a treatment or to receive an attunement from Tracey, do not question the possibility - rather embrace it as a great opportunity to be richly blessed on your spiritual journey! Tracey is a rare and special find! She has so many gifts! She is wise beyond her years. There is no doubt that she is an old soul! I am eternally thankful for her being place on my path as a spiritual teacher and friend. I have received many attunements from Tracey. Now I am practicing attuning as well as treating others and Tracey continues to provide me with consultation. It does not matter what the issue is ....she always seems to know the answer. I have found as my spiritual practice grows more situations present themselves for which I need support. Without question Tracey is the person you want on the other end of the telephone or email. She is a blessing to all who know her!"

Lorel from Canada

"Tracy is truly blessed with healing and spiritual gifts. Although we live thousands of miles apart, I feel the energy of her long distance healing sessions and attunements. Her integrity and professionalism are impeccable. We have never met, yet she demonstrates a concern and compassion befitting a best friend. I am blessed to know her."

Tareia Amisha Smith, New Jersey

"First of all – Congratulations to Reverend Tracey on achieving such a great honor as in having a school. I can find this easy to believe considering my experience with Tracey. Since meeting her, I have not felt as courageous and useful as an adult, much less human being! She is the best! With so much going on internally and externally, I couldn’t tell whether I was coming or going, going insane or being too square. In a word, I was unsure about everything and fear became a regular visitor in my life. Tracey helped me get sure, she helped me give fear a makeover! I can tell you this – she was intuned with my guides and with the angels. There was NO way she could know the things she knew. I like that she addressed all my questions in such a professional manner not wasting time asking me questions which is something I expected but didn’t get. I was grateful for that! It was like, just by communicating with her, things I thought were burdens were lifted one by one! Tracey helped me by letting me know help is always around, that we humans worry about the most menial things which blocks our most cherished gifts, that all I have to do was ask and listen which was one of my major problems. To have such a remarkable gift of asking and listening, that Tracey has – I trust that she could only promote the best in all of us. Thanks Reverend Tracey!"

Renee, Honolulu, Hawaii

"After I graduated from college several years ago, I was wondering what I should do next and was seeking guidance. My sister suggested that I get a general reading from Tracey to hear what my angels had to say. Over the years, I have received many readings and have greatly benefitted from the channeled messages from my angels and guides. These messages have been very healing, inspiring, and motivational. The soulmate readings I have received have made all the difference as I am working on manifesting my soulmate relationship. Two years ago, a long-time relationship ended and I was struggling with forgiveness and letting go of hurt and anger. I felt that I needed more than meditation, reflection, and all the other things I was doing on my own. So, the healing services that Tracey offered were the logical and right choice. The aura/chakra cleansing and balancing, deep healing reiki, and light of forgiveness reiki treatments were most helpful in helping me to move past the difficult situation. Also, the attunements that I have received have helped me in my personal and professional life while strengthening my reiki and healing abilities. I am so glad to have met Tracey and will continue to work with her in the future."

Barbara McMillan

I am very blessed to have discovered the gifted Reverend Tracey three years ago on Ebay, and I have greatly benefited spiritually and emotionally from all of her many, many excellent readings. She always addresses the whole person, body, mind and spirit with truth and clarity. I see Tracey as, not only an Earth Angel and a loving and kind human being, but also a Light Worker, who shines a very powerful divine light into my soul and helps make my journey a lot lighter and brighter. My relationship to Spirit has been greatly strengthened as a result from Tracey’s readings which has empowered me, helped me to love myself more and brought me inner peace. My spiritual growth has been nurtured by Tracey’s guidance. Among many spiritual teachings from her, I have learned about my Spirit Guides, my Animal Totems and my Guardian Angels. I have been given valuable insight into some of my soul contracts and past lives. I been given hope, caring guidance and reassurance around many life issues and challenges. My gratitude to Tracey for the service that she provides to me and to the world is eternal.

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